• J14C series
  • J14C series

J14C series

J14C series rectangular connector adopts metal shield shell, with round-corner anti-insert design, small size and light weight;
J14C series rectangular connector is equipped with a push-pull type double safety lock unloading structure.
J14C series rectangular connector can be divided into pin plug, socket plug; pin panel receptacle, socket panel receptacle; pin type cable receptacle, socket type cable receptacle and other specifications.
J14C series rectangular connector has the advantages of high density, lightweight and miniaturization, which can realize the system internal cable to cable, cable and PCB, and between PCB and PCB.

  • J14C series
Main technical performance
Rated current: 5A
Contact resistance: Before life test: :≤6mΩ                                    
After life test: ≤10mΩ
Insulation resistance:  Under standard conditions: ≥2000MΩ                                  
                                    Under high temperature conditions:  ≥1000MΩ                                  
                                    Under humid conditions:  ≥20MΩ
Voltage resistance:     Under standard conditions: 800V
                                    Under low pressure conditions:250V
Mechanical life: 500 cycles

Performance specification
Temperature rating: -55 ℃ ~ +125 ℃
Relative humidity: at 40 ℃ ± 2 ℃, 90% ~ 95%
Vibration: at 10 Hz~2000 Hz, acceleration 196 m/s²
Shock: 980 m/s²
Atmospheric pressure: 101.3 KPa ~ 1.33 KPa
Acceleration: 780 m/s². 
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